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What’s The Mezza?

One day over coffee, I told my husband that I wanted to finally get back to writing via an online magazine blog.   I’m a Bronx native, Fashion Influencer, writer, entrepreneur, Wife, Mother, and recently Grandmother.   I have dedicated the past 25 years of my life to making people feel good about themselves through the Fashion Industry.   I was Influenced early on by my mom and stylish Aunts Jean and Sue of Manhattan.   I finally decided to combine my experience in  Fashion and my passion for Writing by forming this new Digital Lifestyle Blog. I figured now was the best time to start writing again and what better way to share my experiences than here on the Mezza.   “I enjoy connecting my readers with relevant and engaging content that will positively impact their specific lifestyle choices.” 

My blog is a resource for people such as myself who feel like they are in the middle or Mezza of their lives who appreciate encouragement and advice.  I also invite industry experts to share their reviews and useful tips on the Mezza as well.  So come along friends and follow me on my blog.


Jackie Grund


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