A Wanderlist vs a Bucket List!!!!

A Wanderlist vs a Bucket List!!!!

Welcome back to  Brianna Korb, our travel specialist and guest blogger for the Mezza.  Here is a list of new places to put on your very own Wanderlist.   I know my husband and I always like to add to our list.   I think I might look into some of these how about you???   If you have not started your Wanderlist I challenge you to do so this year.   To make it easy and fun take a look at Sculpted Escapes site.  Click on their company name at the top of this page and begin your Wanderlist planning with Brianna.    Here is a little something from Brianna Korb of Sculpted Escapes.

What’s on Your Wanderlist? When I hear the term “Bucket List” I think of the movie and how the main character had a list of places he wanted to see before he died. So, instead of creating a Bucket List I would like to challenge you to build your Wanderlist. Don’t think of places that you just want to visit. What are places that you want to wander in and really explore? The best part about having a Wanderlist is that it will grow and change over time. Here are a few of the places that I have on my Wanderlist now. Laos contains elements of traditional Buddhist culture alongside traces of its French colonial past. As with the rest of Southeast Asia, the food scene is hard to beat. The night market in Luang Prabang and street food in Vientiane will have your mouth watering, and you can wash everything down with a Laotian mulberry tea.

Greenland A trip to the “Arctic Riviera” will open your eyes to one of the last truly off-the-beaten-path spots on Earth. The people of East Greenland didn’t have contact with outsiders until the turn of the 20th century, and the area is still an isolated wonderland of Northern Lights and calving glaciers. Subsistence hunting is still very much a way of life and one that becomes harder to maintain as temperatures continue to rise and change the environment for animals and the people who rely on them to live. Antarctica It’s at the end of the world and, while long theorized, wasn’t seen by humans until the 19th century. It’s mind-blowing how truly spectacular that much ice can be. It doesn’t hurt that there are also penguins, leopard seals, whales and Antarctic birds on and around all that ice. You can take a long hike or go cross-country skiing or snowshoeing on the seventh continent and kayaking among orcas in the waters offshore. Antarctica is a truly wild place, and that’s just how I like it. Easter Island As any glance at a globe will tell you, the Pacific Ocean is utterly vast and therefore full of remote places. Rapa Nui, aka Easter Island, lies more than 2,000 miles from mainland Chile. It’s a five-hour flight from Santiago to the island, where the famous moai statues were erected by Polynesian adventurers who settled there about 900 years ago. SCUBA diving and surfing are popular activities, as are trekking and horseback riding. The isolation makes it a great place for stargazing when the sun goes down.


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