Fall Transition

Fall Transition

Welcome Back Dr. Ilysse Moss, Our Mezza Fashion Psychologist…

Even though the temperature in certain areas of the U.S. is still hot and humid, Fall can catch one off guard and ill-prepared for Fall dress. Why not switch your mindset now and begin making this transition.  I am one who believes that not just temperature, but the time of the year determines our clothing selections.  Here are some ideas for how to do this appropriately and what trends to start embracing.

Shades of green are trending and what could be a better color to forecast fall.  Since the color green represents life, growth, nature, and renewal it is often associated with the environment, fertility and harmony.  Green traditionally symbolizes money, wealth, greed and jealousy. There are many variations in green tones; try sage, forest, pistachio, celery, and lime. You can decide what tone works best based on your skin and hair color.  The most complimentary colors for green are black, white, pinks, reds, and golds.

This fall, fashion meets function and comfort.  Joggers and cargo pants are happening with drawstrings, self-tie belts, and elastic waists and ankles. You can dress up or down these relaxed pants with anything from blouses to a nonchalant sweatshirt.  Shoes also define the pant look; be dressy with pumps or wedges or casual with sneakers or utility boots. Fall 2019 also reeks of the 90’s. Go chunky platform shoes! Lace-up boots and criss-cross lacing also dates us. Time is also turned back in Victorian like styles like ruffles, puff sleeves, shoulder pads, and high necklines.

Texture and fabrication can also determine a flashback to another time period.  Designers embrace the leather look from head to toe.  Satin, brushed suede, velvet, and high shine fabrics are prevalent in the fall ‘19 collection. These textures and fabrics are not exclusively night or dressy wear but can be worn with a pair of jeans, leggings, or joggers.  Cropped cardigans, plaid schoolgirl skirts, and leggings under skirts/dresses also reinforce our time capsule.  Big chains in jewelry and handbags are also trendy and part of making a retro statement.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea and understanding of how to integrate fashion into fall and what you are saying about yourself based on your clothing. Be thoughtful, intentional, reflective and fun as you update your fall wardrobe.

By:  Dr. Ilysse Moss-Stylist and Fashion Psychologist


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