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Spring is the Perfect Time to Plan your next Vacation Now that the holidays are behind us, it is time to think about getting away. Perhaps you need a long weekend getaway to a warm and sunny location. Or maybe you can’t stop thinking about a week or two in a new and exciting destination. Either way, the time to plan that perfect vacation is now. The most common question I get right now is, “Where is it safe to travel?” That is always a good question to think about, and no one can predict the future, so my response for any vacation is to buy trip insurance. I always offer my clients two levels of trip insurance. The cost of trip insurance depends on the age of the traveler and the price of their vacation. I have had to use trip insurance a few times, once to cancel my holiday for a health issue and another time to help with delayed luggage. Make sure to talk to your travel advisor about this vital piece of your vacation so that fear of the unknown does not keep you from experiencing the world. Here are my suggestions for places to visit this spring or summer:

1) Iceland: The island of fire and ice holds all sorts of adventure and beauty. Travelers can fly into Reykjavik and explore the city and then head out to more remote locations. The chances of seeing Icelandic horses, sheep, and puffins are high if you visit the right sites. Driving through the country allows visitors to view magnificent waterfalls and geysers. If you are looking for extremes, you can spend hours at the Blue Lagoon or go snorkeling between two continental plates. I have done both and enjoyed them more than I thought was possible. These opportunities are open all year round, so take your pick or do both as I did!

2) Caribbean Island: I am currently working with a family on renting a villa for their family for spring break. Villas are grand for a larger group of travelers, but some villas are one or two bedrooms. This idea allows you to bask in the sun and enjoy the beach, but stay in a more secluded location away from lots of other people. Your villa can be stocked with groceries before you arrive, and along with daily housekeeping, some offer a chef so that you can enjoy every aspect of the villa and its views. Day tours can be booked in advance so that you can get out on the water and enjoy all that your destination has to offer. When trying to decide on the right villa, keep in mind what else it offers and what is important to you. The size of your party will most likely determine the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, but don’t overlook things such as air conditioning, WiFi, and beach access.

3) Ski Trip in the US: Spring is a great time to enjoy the ski slopes or even just the lodges and scenery that ski villages have to offer. Whether you own your gear or need to rent equipment, the mountains are a great place to get away and enjoy a change of pace. If you are not into skiing every day, check out more low impact snow activities like snow tubing or snowshoeing. When your body needs a recharge from the colder temperatures or vigorous exercise, treat yourself to a spa day.

4) Australia and New Zealand: This trip will require a little more vacation time with the vast timezone difference, but it is worth the long flight. Remember that the seasons seem reversed in the Southern hemisphere, so planning on visiting in the spring or fall would be ideal for an American traveler. I loved our trip to Australia in July as it gave us a break from the summer heat in the US and allowed us to be outside all the time. The cities in Australia are on the coast, so even in their winter months, the temperatures are lower, but they do not see snow or brutally cold weather. And if you venture to Northern Australia, you will find warmer weather that allows you to scuba dive or snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef. No matter what you have in mind with your travel plan, please do it now so that you can secure availability with accommodations and flights. If you can travel during the low season to a destination, I would highly recommend it as you will encounter fewer travelers and be able to pay lower rates. And don’t forget to inquire about the benefits of trip insurance to give you peace of mind for all any future journeys.



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