Sleep Well: By Carol Cottrill of Somnvie

Sleep Well:  By Carol Cottrill of Somnvie

Hello Mezza Family, I am happy to introduce to you a new Mezza Contributor for our Home Section.   Carol Cottrill of Somnvie, a wonderful company that specializes  in Home/Sleep accessories  and what healthy sleep is.  Here is Carol and her story:  

My work as a nutritionist made me keenly aware that alongside nutrition and fitness, sleep is a pillar of wellness.  We may stress over what we eat and how often we work out, but prioritizing sleep significantly impacts our overall health and weight management. Without sufficient sleep:

  • We’re 300% more likely to catch a cold.
  • More likely to consume 500-800 extra calories the next day.
  • Our obesity rate climbs: Six hours of sleep 23%, five hours, 50%, and four hours means we’re 73% more likely to be obese.

Truly restorative sleep requires a deeper understanding of what the perfect night’s sleep entails.  What we do before bed, when we rise, and the environment we create around sleep determine how well we sleep, and live.

We hear a lot about metabolism in regard to burning calories, but really, metabolism is all of the chemical processes in a living organism that work together to maintain life.  Here’s a metabolic fact I find fascinating—our metabolism is at its peak when the sun is the highest in the sky.  Two things stand out here.  One, if we eat our largest meal between 12-2 pm, we get the biggest metabolic benefit and secondly, we human beings are more connected to the cosmos than we’ve probably considered.  That’s what circadian rhythm is all about, affecting metabolism and our sleep and wake cycle.  Check out the Light Regulation box I’ve included for some fun facts.

Then there’s sleep environment.  Who knew that the ultimate temp for falling asleep and staying asleep is between 65-68 degrees?   When it comes to making your bed, I’ve partnered with Somnvie (Latin for sleep well).  Somnvie is a luxury wellness company steeped in over 40 years of fine bed linens expertise. Our experts have curated a collection of singular products of exceptional quality, all designed for one thing. The luxury of a great night’s sleep.

I’m here to help you create a uniquely personalized sleep experience.  Layer upon layer—comfort, touch, support, warmth, and protect, we’ll create your sleep sanctuary, because really, shouldn’t luxury be good for you?

No two people will choose exactly the same combination of elements for their customized sleep sanctuary.  I’ll help you zero in on the right choices for you.  I invite you to make an appointment with me by phone, Zoom or FaceTime to personalize your dream bed.

In the meantime, turn off the electronics at least an hour before bedtime and finish your last meal at least 2-3 hours before hitting the sheets for quality sleep and optimum digestion.  Wake up to the possibilities of health, wellness and weight management, all beginning with a good night’s rest!

Carol Cottrill, C.N.C.

[email protected]



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