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Fall Shades of Color….Nature Inspired

Fall Shades of Color….Nature Inspired
Our Very own Johanne Morin, Contributor to the Mezza is featured in Redfin this month.
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Featured in REDFIN!

Try nature-inspired hues to create a soothing color palette for your kitchen.

Color is a powerful tool that can influence our moods and emotions. Interior spaces should reflect the personality of the people who live in them, therefore color selection must be unique to each project. Referring to nature for inspiration for a kitchen design or any other room is a great way to create a relaxing and balancing environment as the natural world is brimming with wonderful soothing color combinations.


How to create your distinct relaxing color palette?

Simply capture with photography the calm and relaxing beauty of the outdoors that best represents your personality; then use any paint manufacturer’s App tool like the Sherwin William “Color Snap” or the Benjamin Moore “Color Capture”, to find the perfect matches and design your dream environment.


Create your color board

Some examples of color boards for kitchen designs.


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