A Challah For You: By Judy Goldberg

A Challah For You:  By Judy Goldberg

I am so blessed to have so many talented people on my Mezza Team Platform.   This past month, I celebrated the Jewish New Year.   There are so many wonderful and traditional foods, but this year I wanted to have a fresh baked Challah on my table.    To my great surprise one of our Contributors, Judy Goldberg, said this has become her new hobby now business.   I am happy to share with you Judy’s Challah adventure:

When the pandemic hit, in March of 2020, and we had to stay home ALL. THE. TIME. ,I wondered what I would do with myself every day.  I realized quickly that this was going to be a long haul-how long..? Nobody knew.

At first, I started cleaning out and organizing cabinets and closets and such. Like most of us, I also watched a lot of Netflix etc., and read books.

My mother became ill in April, and I flew out to Scottsdale to be with her. She was diagnosed with Leukemia, and within three days of my arrival, she passed away. I stayed in Arizona for a couple of weeks, of course I had to quarantine after having traveled and having been in a hospital. Then I went to be with my sister in Denver, so that we could grieve together.

The first week I was there, my sister Susie asked me if I wanted to make Challah, the braided bread traditionally served every Friday for Shabbat-the Jewish sabbath. I’d never made any kind of bread with yeast before that day. With that- a tradition was started! From that point on, I started baking challah once a week. When I got back home to Atlanta from Denver, I continued to bake. I became better and better at baking Challahs, which is definitely an art as well as a science!

In time, I started to challenge myself with more complicated baking. I started making Babka-which is basically the same dough I used for the Challah, but rolled out into a rectangle, covered with filling, (chocolate is the most popular), rolled up, cut, twisted and baked in a loaf pan. Layers of bread and chocolate-SO GOOD! Another version of Challah that I taught myself how to make, was stuffed Challah. The most recent favorite is stuffed with cinnamon apples and honey-for the Jewish new year!

Recently, people began asking me if I sold my baked goods. Thus far, I had been giving them away as gifts to friends and family. When enough people started asking, I began to sell my Challahs and Babkas. My customers let me know what they want, be it a plain or raisin Challah for Shabbat, a Babka, or a stuffed Challah. There’s nothing that I can’t do in terms of creativity, and I love trying new fillings! I love to know that I’m making something with my both hands, and my heart; to enrich the lives of other people. It started as a hobby, and has turned into a business. I’ve made bread for local families, and I’ve sent them to people all over the country!

Please be in touch if you’d like to try any of my baked goods! Judy Goldberg 678-362-4281 or email [email protected]

I’d love to hear from you!!


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