Sending a Message with a great T-Shirt By: Ilysse Moss Our Fashion Psychologist

Sending a Message with a great T-Shirt By: Ilysse Moss Our Fashion Psychologist

What is your fashion speaking?  A T-shirt is the most popular and common garment in the clothing industry.  Tees are worn by women, men, and kids across the country and the world.  Graphic Tees are really having a moment in the fashion world.  What is the great appeal?  These tees make a statement and get the attention of others through their verbal sayings and bold designs.  Graphic tees look and feel good; they are visually attractive.  Graphic Tees reflect ones taste and personality; they also hold the attention of others. The fashion industry is all about standing out and these tees help one to be noticed.  Graphic tees also speak for us without having to verbalize or vocalize anything.

Graphic Tees are not only comfortable and cozy, but also they are emerging as a very versatile piece. Graphic Tees are great for layering under blazers, jackets, or shirt jackets. Graphic Tees are also fun to wear over a shirt or blouse. These tees also can dress down a long or short skirt.  Contrast your favorite graphic tee with other colors and prints in your outfit. Dress down a suit with a graphic tee; that can give it a more casual and cool feeling. One can even style a graphic tee with jeans and heels.

In contrast to graphic tees which can add the casual, cool, and fun vibe to our clothing, florals still are popular and have been in women’s fashion for many years.  Florals bring out the feminine, soft, and innocent side for our personality.  Actually, flowers have a secret language and special meaning. In the Victorian Era, flowers and floral arrangements represented coded messages and feelings. Even today, flowers have a language and meaning. Different colors of roses communicate different feelings. For example, red roses speak love and romance, while yellow roses signify friendship and devotion.  Different flowers express particular forms of affection.  For special occasions and events such as weddings and birthdays, flowers have a code. To name just a few: Daisys convey purity and innocence; Irises convey eloquence.  In fact, certain colored Iris give different messages: a blue Iris means faith and hope, a purple Iris states wisdom.

In fashion, floral prints in the spring are especially playful, because they inspire us to get into the spirit of the season.  Floral prints are bolder, bigger, and more colorful than ever.  Florals are on every piece of clothing from undergarment, blouses, skirts, sweaters, and jeans.  A good proportional rule to follow is that petite and smaller women tend to look better and more balanced in smaller florals, and taller bigger boned women will be more able to carry the bolder and bigger prints more easily.  So fashionably speaking, both our graphic tees and our floral blouses both speak a language the biggest difference is that our tees do it loudly and our florals do it quietly and in code.  Have fun with your fashion, but know that you are communicating something to yourself and the outside world.

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