A Second Honeymoon

A Second Honeymoon

Jackie parthenon number 3As we approach June, I am devoting most of my blog to the June Wedding.  If you are a first time Bride or even in the middle of your fabulous marriage to the person of your dreams it is always fun to plan the honeymoon or even a second honeymoon.    The Greek Isles gets five stars from the Mezza.   I had the opportunity to go to Greece last June and what a fantastic trip that was.   Now I went there to witness a friend get married but my hubby and I took this opportunity to take our second Honeymoon in one of the most beautiful places on earth.   The history and the stories of the Gods and Goddesses all add to the romance of this part of the world.   My favorite spot was the island of Santorini.   The beautiful white washed homes and resorts all nestled into the cliffs and overlooking the very clear blue Aegean Sea.   Our favorite spot was   Oia,  a small town on the island of Thira Santorini.    One of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen was in Oia.   To get to all the Islands you can fly to some but we chose to take the ferry system since it was more cost effective.    A trip to Greece must also include a stop in Athens.   It was worth the climb to the Parthenon to see this Temple which honors the Goddess Athena, whom the people of Athens consider her their patron.   This historic site, if you are a history buff like myself, was started in 447 BC.  Our last night in Greece was truly memorable with a classical concert at the Acropolis.  Just sitting on the stone steps you are transported back to a time of simplicity.   The thrill of knowing that a great many people sat where we sat and got to spend a beautiful night with their someone special.   So Mezza followers take some time out and make June and Greece a first or second honeymoon.


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