Ageless Accessorizing

Ageless Accessorizing

When I am accessorizing an outfit, I have a metaphor, It is like putting the icing on the cake.  It will make the outfit not only pop but reflect a personal touch which makes the outfit your own style.  It could be a pin, a necklace, earring or a great handbag.     I do have some rules to follow when accessorizing.    Rule number 1:  Pick out one statement piece to be the stand out accessory.    The Parisian woman really knows how to accessorize and builds her wardrobe on basics.  The key to her great outfits are the accessories she chooses.  I just love a scarf it always takes the outfit up a notch and Oh so very Parisian.   You could go from day to night in one outfit  by changing your shoes, purse, and jewelry you will have transformed your day look into  a night on the town.     2.  Always have one beautiful pair of shoes in your closet.  (include these styles they are ageless and classic-  ballet flats, open-toed sandals, black heels, loafers, sneakers/running shoes, and a great pair of boots both tall and short.  3.  Collect these bags:  A tote, the clutch,  and the straw bag.   4.  Jewels- The cuff, charm bracelet, a great pair of chandelier earrings, a statement necklace and a simple watch. (It can be an Apple Watch or Fitbit as well with changing bands)   5.  Choose a hat when the outfit calls for it.  From a beret, straw, tweed, or sporty hat…I love them and don’t be afraid to wear them.  During the 40’s and 50’s it was unheard of to walk out without a Hat.   Times have changed but putting on a great hat really makes the outfit and makes you a bit more glamorous!!

On our Next Mezza Live Show, Airing, Feb. 13th on UI Media,  My good friend, and peer in the Fashion Industry, Kyla Weldon,  will be joining us to talk about the top 2020 accessories and her company called LillieandBert.  Here is some information from Kyla’s website:

Inspired by my love of fashion, shopping and the desire to continue “selling” after leaving my corporate job to raise three children, I started a portable accessory business in 2003. My SUV was my store and for 13 years I sold everywhere from the carpool line of three different schools to the teller at the bank drive-through, to home accessory parties. While posting new finds on Facebook to all my friends years ago, I had no idea that social media would become such a vital marketing tool!

Fast forward 2 years after a break, I’m back with a new name, after the names of my sweet childhood nannies, and an upgraded business plan. I couldn’t stay away from something I love, so Lillie and Bert was born! My goal will always be to offer trendy, fun and affordable quality accessories that will help customers express their personal style.   Here are some of Kyla’s top accessory picks for Spring 2020:  Jewelry-Chain link necklaces small and large,  big hoop earrings,  Hair Accessories- Big Scarves and padded headbands, Purses-  Natural, Raffia and Bucket Bags.  ”  The Perfect accessory takes your outfit up a notch and makes you unique.”  Kyla Weldon, Owner of LillieandBert.   In addition to Kyla’s picks here are some runway looks that you will also see this season:

Boutonnieres for Women,  Colorful sunglasses, the Square Toe shoe, Flatform sandals,  the Mary Jane Pump, and Fanny packs.  So no matter what your age is….accessorizing is ageless!!!!




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