An American Princess… Here she is Meghan Markle and her Prince Harry

An American Princess… Here she is Meghan Markle and her Prince Harry

Meghan Markle has all the qualities of  a Princess in the making.   I actually met Ms. Markle about two years ago at a Blogging convention here in Atlanta.   “Create and Cultivate”   She was one of the lead speakers.   I had not really watched her TV Show “Suit’s” but as soon as she appeared on Stage I knew she was something special.  My daughter-in-law had asked me to join her.   Of course, I was the oldest woman in the room, but enough of that, back to Meghan.   Meghan wore a simple Black tee with jeans and blazer…I just loved her look Classic and timeless.   I was so impressed with this young woman and loved to hear about her blog the “Tig”  She no longer has the blog up due to her upcoming marriage to Prince Harry.   The “Tig” was the blog that I wanted to model.  So off I went with great inspiration from this lovely young woman.   So Thank you, Meghan,  for inspiring me to form the Mezza.     The minute I  saw Meghan, something struck me that she was destined for greatness.   Harry, you could not have picked a more perfect bride and partner for life.  Next week on Saturday May 19th Meghan our American  California girl will be marrying her prince charming.  The Wedding Ceremony will be at St. George’s Chapel on the grounds of Windsor Castle, the Best Man will be the Duke of Cambridge, Harry’ s brother William.  Prince Geroge and Princess Charlotte will be page and flower girl… The Mezza wishes the couple a lifetime of Happiness.    Can’t wait to see the dress!!!!

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