American Style

American Style

I recently binged watched the Series from CNN called American Style.   The show reinforced how pop culture can dictate style.  What is style and how has it changed through the years based on our American Pop Culture.  Here are some highlights on what has shaped American Style:

Lets us begin with the  60/70’s The Battle of Versailles-Halston comes on the scene and upstages the Paris Fashion Shows.  Farrah Fawcett with her red Norma Kamali bathing suit and Blond feathered hair single-handedly became the look of the 70s.   Every girl wanted to be Farrah and have her hairstyle and look which was that all American girl next door.    At the same time, Dianne Von Furstenberg creates the Wrap Dress which is still popular today for its great silhouette that looks good on everybody. These designers set the American Style in the 70’s along with the pop culture trend of Disco and Studio 54 Glitz Looks as well.  The 80s was defined by such hit Tv Shows like Dynasty and Dallas who put big Shoulder Pads and Nolan Miller on the scene.  Man Tailored Suits, Donna Karan with her 7 easy pieces of dressing and the Working Girl look.  Two Powerhouse designers come onto the American Style scene Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein.  The pop culture at this time was centered around the woman returning to the workforce, preppy and lots of labels.   The  Late 80s into the 90s we see Rap Music and a fashion trend emerging which included lots of chains and tee shirts.   Such designers as Gucci and Chanel picked up on this trend of sporty meets over the top.   Let’s not forget the Jane Fonda workout look with thigh-high leotards and leg warmers.    As we move into the late 90s /2000 my favorite leading lady, Sarah Jessica Parker, emerges as Style Icon with her hit show Sex and the City and her romance with not only men but with shoe designers such as  Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik.   Currently, our American style is not influenced as much by designers and TV stars but more from Bloggers and Social  Media influencers. The age of Fast Fashion has arrived with Stores such as Zara and H&M. Where clothing is more disposable and not very expensive.  Trends constantly drive this new era of Fashion and Style.     In conclusion,  American Style today embodies who the individual consumer is and how they want to be perceived to the World!!!


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