An Equestrian Vibe

An Equestrian Vibe

I am thrilled to be showcasing the inspiration from the head designer at Peach.   The Gym Work Play line that is on our shopping page.   Our first release can be viewed tomorrow and Thursday eve.  The shopping link will be up for the first release next week for Fall.   Some words from our Designer:

Current Season

A note from our designer, Daniela Bascuñan:

I grew up in Chile, and my inspiration for Fall came from the neighboring country of Argentina, one of the chicest countries in South America. The capital of Buenos Aires is often referred to as the “Paris of South America” because of its European feel. The women are very sophisticated and are always super fashionable, which I love!

Another aspect of Argentina that I love is their equestrian culture, which is based around Gauchos. Gauchos are skilled horsemen and are considered a national symbol in Argentina. They’re  greatly admired and roam the Pampas, which are the grasslands in Argentina, herding livestock and working the land.

For the seasonal color palette, I wanted to go into a really sophisticated direction influenced by a European aesthetic. The main fashion color is a GORGEOUS Deep Blue Gray – it has a gray undertone which makes it look really sophisticated, and it pairs perfectly with Taupe, a new neutral that we’ve added. The Taupe is an important color this season as it helps keep the color palette light and fresh looking, without weighing it down. The accent color is Dusty Blue, which looks beautiful paired with the Deep Blue Gray for tonal looks or mixed with the Taupe for a contemporary look.

For print direction, dots were one of the trends I’ve been seeing,  so we’ve reinterpreted the polka dot and developed two prints that are a contemporary take on this classic, as well as developing a third print, which is a modern reinterpretation of a Camo.

This collection should feel very classy and modern, with an equestrian vibe done in a sophisticated color palette.

To order you can navigate to our shopping page on the blog or enter here:


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