April in Paris Anyone?

April in Paris Anyone?

My good friend and colleague, Nancy Flaherty is my go-to person when I am in a Paris state of mind.   I would now like to introduce to you Nancy the person behind Grace in Paris.

Grace In Paris for readers of the Mezza:

Paris and especially Notre-Dame de Paris have been in the news quite a bit lately.  There is so much happening in the city, but there are quiet retreats, as well.   Imagine finding that perfect spot at a table in a café where you can sip your coffee and watch the world go by!

Grace in Paris is your best friend in the beautiful city of light who knows where to find “that perfect something” to remember your trip by.  Let Grace take you to Paris by reading about our friends and their lovely shops, searching through our “Little Black Book” database of shops that we have cultivated special relationships with, or travel to Paris with us as part of a very small group twice yearly on a fashion history tour of the city of light.

Paris has many different shopping districts to explore, and many price levels to choose from.  How would you know where to begin?  Only a friend in the city would be able to tell you where to find the right item that you will love forever.  And finding that perfect item is an adventure to remember for a lifetime.  Grace In Paris is an online magazine that will describe our friends in the fashion business and their boutiques and services, as well as editorials on the latest trends in Europe and the US.   If you dream of travel and want to find the secret spots that only the locals know, become friends with Grace and she will share all she knows. 

Grace in Paris is your expert in destination shopping experiences.  Let Grace show you her beloved city of Paris!

Nancy will be sharing more of Paris with us as our Parisian Content Contributor for the Mezza.  Merci Nancy and Grace in Paris!!!



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