Are You Open to Life? By: Francoise Everett

Are You Open to Life?  By:  Francoise Everett

I recall a client saying in one of our coaching calls, “I’m open to life.”

I felt it… more specifically, I experienced the transmission of energy. It was palpable, and it is currently a lived experience for her… not just an idea merely living in her mind.

Ive been tuned in to this energy all week since she spoke it out loud in our coaching call and these kinds of experiences are magnetic.

So let me ask you… what is your lived experience right now? Do you feel magnetic? Do you experience the transmission of energy in your relationships, in what you create in the world?

The more I learn, the more I am present, and the more I tune into the larger field of energy, the more I deepen the connection with myself and others. Presence is essential not only to our vitality and well-being, but to the richness we experience (or don’t experience) in our connection to Self and to others.

So, with this beautiful client, we did a fair amount of work on her connection to Self, and it is expanding into her connection with Source and with others.

If youre not easily connected to yourself, nothing will shift, transform, elevate, or magnetize. This is true in relationships, personal and professional, as well as the way that you show up for your projects, clients, magnetizing resources to you and the way you walk and show up in the world.

The world is responsive to your energy field. It reflects back to you what you put out. Ask yourself right now if what youre magnetizing back to yourself is everything you want or a lot of what you dont want… such as frustrations, tolerations, mediocrity, so-so results to your desired outcomes and more.

Im asking you to look inward and be honest with yourself. Whether you are a CEO, a woman entrepreneur or a busy mom, your relationship with yourself is vital.

If you would like to learn more about creating an extraordinary relationship with yourself, Source and others, let’s have a connecting conversation! One shift can start a domino effect in multiple areas of your life.

Feel like you need to wait for things to be better aligned before you can connect more deeply with yourself? The moment is NOW for you to put yourself and your empowerment first. Later will not be better.

Ask yourself, “What would you do if you knew that all of life is organizing around your success?” Would you take a chance? Would you be open enough to explore what else is possible for you? Let’s connect!

Françoise Everett is a Feminine Leadership & Lifestyle Coach. She works with conscious change-makers and female leaders who sense that the world is awakening to a new stage of evolution in which women are no longer willing to simply get by. She supports women around the world to unlock their inner wisdom, feminine power, and hidden richness, so they can redefine success from the inside out.

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