Award Winning Cheese Makers Where? Italy No Sandy Springs Ga!!!!

Award Winning Cheese Makers Where?  Italy No Sandy Springs Ga!!!!

Moving to Sandy Springs about a year ago, my husband Jason and I found a gem right here in this small city that is smack in the center between Inside the Perimeter and Outside the Perimeter.   It’s Called CalyRoad Creamery and this amazing establishment not only makes award-winning cheese but has weekly wine tastings and of course, their fabulous cheese is front and center being paired with some great wines.   They even have a wine club which we joined.   Here is the story of two determined women, much like the platform of the Mezza, who followed their midlife dream.

CalyRoad Creamery, one of Georgia’s first micro-creameries for artisan cheese, was established in May of 2009 by two sisters, Cathy and Robin, who quite simply, wanted to learn and experience something totally unique.  Both women were at a turning point in their lives.  Both had held successful careers, enjoyed wonderful marriages and raised children. Yet they both yearned to create something special.

The idea for making cheese was sparked by a pet dairy goat and her two kids.  The two women developed a passion for making cheese after visiting several cheesemakers in the neighboring states of North Carolina and Alabama.  Ultimately, they attended the Vermont Institute of Artisan Cheese and fell in love with that magic ingredient…MILK!

CalyRoad’s original home was a 16-acre goat dairy in West Georgia.  In August of 2010, the creamery was moved to the heart of Sandy Springs, just a few short blocks from Heritage Green.  The move simplified the logistical delivery of the milk sources needed for both cow and goat cheeses.  As the years passed and the business grew, a decision had to be made to either increase the production capacity or bow to the laws of  the economy of scale that a micro-creamery just could not produce enough cheese efficiently to continue in business!

After 8 long months of renovation, the addition of state of the art equipment,  creation of aging rooms and new processes we have brought our little creamery up to speed. We can make up to 300 pounds of different cheeses in one day and it all starts with fresh Georgia milk delivered each week.

Ultimately, CalyRoad Creamery has become a journey of learning more than the creation of fine cheeses.  This dream has tested their resourcefulness, stamina, integrity, and determination.  Many of the cheeses we make are named for events or points in our journey to build our cheese making company.

Come visit CalyRoad Creamery and enter into the world of cheese making…. Once you learn about the magic of milk, you will never look at cheese the same way!

– Robin Schick, Cheese Maker and Owner of CalyRoad Creamery



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