The Best Wine in Napa Valley

The Best Wine in Napa Valley

Shifflet Estate Wines are the best in Napa Valley hands down.  I may not be the Wine Spectator but I give the Shifflet Estate Wine a 100 rating.    Jeffrey Shifflet, owner, and winemaker is the Man behind the wine and also a friend.     I have known Jeffrey for over 12 years now and his unexpected style of winemaking makes his wine even more special and interesting.    The property is in the Oak Knoll district of the Napa Valley.  His location is by far the best in the valley and resembles a vineyard you would find in France.   He does not use French Barrels or any fancy equipment he simply grows amazing grapes and Barrels them Shifflet style.   To find out more about the Shifflet Estate wines visit Jeffrey Shifflet at his facebook page.   The Shifflet Wine Brands are:


Shifflet Estate

Hunter Glenn

William /Mary


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