Bizzarro or Else Italian Cafe

Bizzarro or Else  Italian Cafe

When in Seattle the food of choice is fish and coffee but why not try their Italian Cuisine!!!  My two dear friends, who live in Seattle, took us to this fantastic spot.  Bizzarro Italian Cafe.   Bizzarro has been open since  1986 by the original owner, chef and visual artist, David Nast.  David converted the building which was an auto workshop into his own creation of a dream restaurant on a limited budget.  But above all,  a lot of artistic inspiration and love has been the cornerstone.    During the late 80’s a favorite waitress Kathleen, who waited on tables for 15 years, would sing opera songs to, for and about the customers and the food.   The restaurant has evolved into a high- quality restaurant with fresh and in-house made bread, pasta and desserts.  Check out the restrooms too–quite an experience.   Today the staff is still fun and very engaging with the customers.  I ordered the famous lasagna which was layers of handmade pasta, meaty bolognese, bechamel sauce and their world famous marinara covered with mozzarella…amazing!!!  It was a wonderful place to gather with friends and family and it is not cookie cutter very creative.  Mezza followers don’t just eat the fish in Seattle try the Italian food as well.


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