Bridal Gifts and Accessories

Bridal Gifts and Accessories

Since this month it’s all about the June bride on the Mezza, I wanted to let you know that if you are searching for that special gift to give to your Bridal party of 5 or maybe just one.   I have the answer for you.    My new curated collection from India Hicks.  We have inspirational Tokens that each of your bridesmaids could receive.  They are just perfect with some great sayings.   We also have our collection of Legacy Letters on a chain or maybe our bath and body gift sets.   If you are having a beach wedding then order our fabulous beach towel and straw beach bag.    So here is just a little bit about India.   She is a designer with royal roots.    If you are a royal follower like myself you might remember her in Princess Diana’s wedding (wearing that Fab 80’s dress).  She is also the daughter of the famous David Hicks who was a great designer back in the 50’s and 60’s.   India has made her home out of the Royal limelight.  She lives in the Bahamas with her significant other and has raised 5 children.  From here she has built the India Hicks Brand and company.    I am so excited to be partnering with her… So Mezza brides -to- be here is my site


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