New York where in the same day you could eat your hot dog from the yellow umbrella restaurant (aka) street vendor or grab a bagel and lox or hard roll or maybe even a slice …wait that was years ago.   In the 80’s when I was working in Manhattan and thoughts of being a top Advertising executive were within reach and I could eat anything and not gain a pound; can anyone relate?  During lunch I would pop over to my favorite Deli and order my turkey or roast beef on rye with knish on the side and let’s not forget sour pickles.  I would love to hear all the wait staff screaming at each other and being that NY rude that they  are known for but that was the charm of New York.   My husband would always say before we headed back to the suburbs on our express bus that we should stop for a slice and that would be dinner.  Pizza the number one staple food of Manhattan and a pizza parlor on every corner.   Well folks just like my figure has gone so have they.  Today on every corner there is a coffee place.   So when did New York become Paris and Italy where coffee, cappuccino and croissants are in abundance.!

Almost every restaurant in New York now offers these fantastic brunches on Sunday from soho to the upper westside.  Sunday has taken the place of Saturday night with live jazz.    So Mezzaites let’s raise our coffee cups to the new trend in NYC  BRUNCH!!!!!


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