Candy and Sweets Anyone?

Candy and Sweets Anyone?

Well it’s February and besides groundhog day,  Black History Month,  President’s Day,  Valentines day is right up there as one of the most celebrated days.    We enjoy our flowers,  jewels and especially that fabulous box of candy.   If you can’t get out right now to buy your someone special that dose of sugar here are some great sites to check out:  My Favorite, however is Food 52 see their ad in the link which will take you to their fabulous site of not only recipes, community, food, homes, and more.   Check them out.   The Mezza gives them 5 stars!!!! Here are some others as well.

Gold Belly, Mariebelle, Jacques Torres Chocolate

Fine & Raw, and Food52

This is just a start to your Valentines Day shopping list.

Another fun thing is to create new recipes here is one that came to me as a Lifestyle blogger:

Chocolate Covered Cherry Cocktail

3oz Farm Market Cherry Wine
12oz Oronooko Cocoa Chocolate Milk Stout (or a Chocolate Milk Stout)

Rim half of the glass with chocolate sprinkles. Pour in Cherry wine first. Fill the glass with the Oronoko Cocoa (or a Cocoa Stout of your choice).




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