Charity Vs Community and Using Fashion!!!!

Charity Vs Community and Using Fashion!!!!

Today, The Duchess of Sussex,  Meghan Markle, has officially launched her capsule of workwear pieces in order to directly benefit Smart Works Foundation located in the UK.   The capsule is smart, classic, and right on.    Each of the designers who are participating will be giving Smart Works a piece for this cause.    A one for one. You buy they donate.  I just purchased the Black dress by Marks And Spencer which will benefit a women on the other side of the World who is in need of getting out there again in the workforce and who can’t afford to purchase that great interview look.    Here is more about this fabulous project:   I do hope Smart Works can annex here to the US.   However, creating community with the World happens to be a great thing.   Bravo to the Dutchess of Sussex!!!!!!

Here is a bit more about Smart Works:
At Smart Works, clients receive one-on-one interview preparation and an outfit to help them secure employment.   Once the client lands a job, they receive five additional pieces of clothing to help see them through to their first paycheck.

“The reason why I was drawn to Smart Works is that it reframed the idea of charity as community…’s a network of women supporting and empowering other women in their professional pursuits,” wrote Meghan.

“It’s the community that I’m so drawn to It’s not just donating your clothes and seeing where they land, but really being part of each other’s success stories as women. It’s in the tools that you give or the interview prep that’s happening, every piece of it. ” Says the Dutchess.

In closing, the thing that stood out for me most was how we should all look at Charity.   I love that the Dutchess, Said it should be “Community”  first that we are all after instead of “Charity.”  Think about that the next time you are in your closet and want to donate that Blazer,  dress, or sweater and what it meant to you and how it could impact someone else’s life.




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