Chasing the Cool Weather!!! Seattle

Chasing the Cool Weather!!!  Seattle

A Trip to Washington State can be a city trip as well as a nature experience.  On my recent visit to this great state with part of my family, we experienced a vibrant city life as well as a relaxed laid back feeling.    Most people in Seattle dress for the weather.   And boy did I love the cool 59 degrees early morning and then rising to a comfortable 70.  There are many things to do in the city.   Number one is Pike Place Market overlooking the Elliott Bay waterfront.  The Market opened in August of 1907 and continues today as one of the oldest continuously operated public farmer’s markets in the United States.  Among all the great food vendors and fresh fish markets,  you can also find great crafts and my favorite the guy at the very end who sells these great Alpaca sweaters.  Across from Pike is the original Starbucks if you dare to wait on- line or you can go to any of the dozens of Starbucks that line Seattle streets.   Shopping in Seattle is very different…a more rugged outdoor look prevails.  The best place to get that look is the original REI but you go on a short hike to the Store.   Another thing to do in Washington is to take a boat up to the San Juan Islands.   The trip there is spectacular on the Pungent Sound.    I like Friday Harbor….walking around, poking in and out of small boutiques especially Be Chic Boutique.    But my all time favorite thing to do is just sit quietly looking out at nature with that good cup of coffee in the early morning and feeling that cool breeze especially when you live in the South most of the time…..So Mezza followers….catch some cool weather and cool landscapes in the great state of Washington.


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