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Clean Beauty By Judy Goldberg of Beautycounter

Clean Beauty By Judy Goldberg of Beautycounter
Hi all-I’m going to reintroduce myself for those who haven’t seen me before on the Mezza. I’m Judy Goldberg, and I’m a Beautycounter consultant; trying to get clean products into the hands of everyone. As a company, we not only want to share nontoxic skincare and makeup, we want to change the industry, so that when you walk into a drugstore or beauty counter at the mall, you won’t have to think about the ingredients in your products, because they will have to be safe by law!
Another Spring has arrived, and with it a number of new products both in skincare and makeup. We have switched our eyeshadows and blushes from powders to creams; to be absolutely sure that there was no talc in our products. We have ten cream shadows, and eight new “Cheeky Clean” cream blushes. Our blushes are now refillable, as sustainability is another important value of Beautycounter’s.
We also came out with a “Priming Serum”, which is great under makeup or alone, for that extra glow!
My very favorite, brand new product, (at the time of writing this, it hadn’t even gone live yet), is our “Reflect Effect” mask. This fantastic facial mask has AHA, and Bamboo for exfoliating when it’s time to rinse it off. This is truly the best mask I’ve ever used-I felt a difference with just one use! This is one I cannot live without now that I’ve tried it! Here’s a direct link to this amazing new product:
I’d love to help you on your clean beauty journey. Beautycounter started what has now become a trend with other companies. Some of those companies are great, others are essentially jumping on the bandwagon in name only. You can always know that our products are truly clean-each product is triple tested. We have complete transparency on all ingredients, and all ingredients are responsibly sourced. In other words, Beautycounter is a company you can trust, which makes me proud to be a consultant!
Please reach out anytime if you’d like my help in cleaning out your makeup drawer!


Judy Goldberg
678.362.4281 | [email protected]com


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