It’s Cool Mountain Chic….Sundance

It’s Cool Mountain Chic….Sundance

“A Place, An Idea. Celebrating and Enriching the Human Experience”  Robert Redford.   Now ladies of the Mezza, When I think of Robert Redford, Handsome, Cool, Movie star comes to mind, not a fashion owner.  Well back in 1969 Sundance was founded by Robert Redford. when he purchased land at the base of the beautiful 12,000 foot Mount Timpanogos in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains.   Truly this sounds magical and I am putting it on my bucket list.   Over the years this area has come to be known as Sundance Village.  The goal of the village is to offer a community of art and nature.   At the base of the village was a tiny store where many guests would come and shop as well as write the store for items that they wanted to be delivered to their home.    So that was the start of the first edition of  The Sundance catalog in 1989.  The catalog like the store offers unique items in jewelry, clothes, and housewares.  Today there are only 11 stores which makes it still very unique.   We are very fortunate to have one here in Atlanta in the fabulous Avalon shopping center in Alpharetta Ga.  I was recently at their summer launch and enjoyed a wonderful glass of champagne as I wandered through the very well merchandised store.   I love the mix of housewares with the clothes and accessories.  The staff is warm and welcomes all their guests.    I would describe the style to be a bit boho with some mountain chic woven in.  I loved all the light linen and cotton printed fabrics.   The soft color palette mixed with the unique jewels all added to the summer feel.  And they have shoes too…

“Summertime…when things slow down and stretch a bit.”  Doesn’t that sound like Robert Redford  Well it is…Soo Mezza followers enjoy a bit of Sundance this summer.


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