You Don’t Have to be a snob to eat at S.N.O.B

You Don’t Have to be a snob to eat at S.N.O.B

A trip to Charleston South Carolina is not complete until you savor the tastes of Slightly North of Broad or S.N.O.B as the locals love to call it.   An eclectic low country bistro that sources their ingredients from local farmers and artisans.  At S.N.O.B the kitchen is the center and heart of this restaurant.  This is where the all the action happens and delicious meals are prepared for their guests.  I just love getting a table near the kitchen it’s like watching a show.     Some of my favorite dishes here include:   Shrimp and Grits,  She Crab Soup, Scallops and their delicious Cornbread.  Their seafood and steaks are a must as well.   This restaurant is one of the  38 essential Charleston restaurants to visit.   You might need more than a weekend to visit all of them.    I think this fact is pretty interesting that the  SNOB nickname came from the geographic dividing line of which side of the street was the wealthier among the Charlestonians.  So if you dine at Slightly North of Broad the only kind of snob you are is a food snob and that’s Ok ……



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