Enter Spring 2019: A Sneak Peek into the Season Ahead

Enter Spring 2019:  A Sneak Peek into the Season Ahead

From the Paris runways of Chanel to the New York Showroom of Nina Mclemore and to the Trunk shows of Cabi.  This spring season is filled with lots of bright colors…the standout trend believe it or not are bike shorts (Athleisure) paired with your statement Blazer jacket.  While this might not be the outfit for the gym or office it is a sure bet for ladies who lunch!!! Slide into Cabi’s yellow/gold tone mules that will finish it off.   Safari trending with animal prints as well.   Purple is the color to look out for check out Nina Mclemore’s show-stopping and colorful Jackets!!!!  Besides purple lookout for red, blue, green, and yellow all the primary colors found in your Crayola box (only tail end babyboomers will get that).   More to come as we continue to head into spring… Mezza girls just wanted to give you a heads up….


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