Fall 2018….1980’s Fashion Revival

Fall 2018….1980’s Fashion Revival

_CHA0732     Well, my Mezza Fashionista’s it’s that time again.  The launch of my favorite season, Fall.   So what is the scoop this season?    It is all about the revival of the 80’s…Think big shoulders, black leather, futuristic metallics and menswear-inspired jackets.      I love that fashion always finds its way back in time.  The 80’s were when Princess Diana got married in her very puffy dress and when Linda Evans and Joan Collins of Dynasty were on the scene with their Nolan Miller Looks.     This Fall be on the lookout for:

The Saville Row look- everything plaid , herringbone, and houndstooth

The Big Easy-  oversized is the way to wear all your outerwear this season

The Great Western Heartland-  a mix of all American western with patchwork, crochet, and folklore spirit..see the CAbi line this season for this look

How Does your Garden Grow-Fall florals

80’s Redux-  Bold Shoulders, Black leather

Future Perfect- glitter, plastic and metallic

Long and Lean- Chic head to toe white

Some of the textures this season will be fur-(shearling), leopard in natural and color, tweed, leather, corduroy, silk, cashmere, and velvet.   Some of the top colors will be Rose, Pink, Oatmeal, Teal, Red, Gold/Mustard and Camel (my favorite)

Your Key Items to purchase this season should be:

  1. The Trench Coat
  2. longlined belted cardigan
  3. Oversized knit sweater
  4. Plaid Blazer
  5. Two Piece Set
  6. Midi Dress
  7. Wide Leg Trouser
  8. Shearling Parka

Some of the Top trends in Accessories are:

leather headbands, oversized hoops, fringe anything, leopard scarfs, statements on bags, slouchy boots, embellished clutches, belt and neck bags, velvet mules, statement stockings, the crossbody still happening as well as the box bag.  Of course, my favorite accessory company is India Hicks…..always check the Mezza for updates on new products on our shopping page.



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