Fashion Distraction: By Dr. Ilysse Moss the Mezza’s Fashion Psychologist

Fashion Distraction:  By Dr.  Ilysse Moss the Mezza’s Fashion Psychologist

So many questions come to mind as I begin this piece on fashion distraction.   In this article,  I will put forth some questions and attempt to provide my answers and interpretations. Does shopping functioning like an escape for women?  Yes, shopping functions as a hobby; hobby is defined as an activity for pleasure. The act of shopping can be a stress reliever or a way to deal with frustration. Women engage in shopping to relax, socialize and as a mood elevator. Yes, shopping is retail therapy! Woman enjoy purchasing garments, jewelry, shoes, and purses, because it makes us fell better or happier. Maybe this is why online shopping has remained constant during the pandemic. Shopping for women also can be a sport and an art. Shopping is a creative activity where you play dress up with different color palettes, prints, textures and style. Shopping engages all of our senses and helps us experience the world. Women may plan a trip around shopping or shopping excursions.

Do you dress for yourself or someone else? We need to dress for ourself and our lifestyle.  If we dress for someone else, we are allowing our external world dictate our self-care. Do we eat healthy or stay in good physical health for someone else?  We need to take ownership and accountability for our appearance.

Are you a classic or daring dresser or somewhere in between  The same question can be asked for your personality. Dressing and styling oneself is an act of love and also a way of caring for our body and mind. Experiment with different styles and see how your personality responds.

In the face of a pandemic, fashion may seem frivolous. Beautifying ourselves may seem unnecessary, but is it really? What is the role of fashion in our “new normal?” Fashion can be a bond, a uniting force which brings women together. Fashion unifies people across the country and the world.  This commonality is essential to who we are as people and women. If you are interested in a virtual gathering as a way to socialize with your friends, relatives and your community please contact the writer of this blog or the editor of The Mezza for more information.


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