Fashion is Alive and Well!!!!

Fashion is Alive and Well!!!!

Last night I had the great opportunity to hear and to meet James Aguiar, Fashion Director for the high-end publisher Modern Luxury.    This fabulous event was sponsored by Fashion Group International of Atlanta.    Let me backtrack my week first.   It all started with the local events that I am hosting this month.    My two back to back Trunk shows with designer brands did not have the attendance they normally do. Past seasons there was so much excitement around the start of the Fall Season,   a new collection and the anticipation of trends.    I even had a comment from a past client that basically said: ”  She can’t look too overdressed” in her work circle.    Which translates to what you wear is secondary????  Well, I am here to say that not on my watch or that of any of the great Fashion Editors including James will that ever happen.   Last night James basically said “the fashion industry is changing but we still live each day in it.”    My comment to that is:  “What we choose to put on our bodies from a colorful workout outfit to a great dress shows our passion and creativity of how we want to appear to those around us.”   To be your authentic self with some thought.   The “At leisure look “is fine but should not be everything.     There is always room for great leathers, furs, accessories, Jackets wraps and sweaters to get us all excited for Fall.     Let us not be a society of just tee shirts and sweatpants !!!!

Here are some of James’ Fashion Heroes:

Who are some of your career heroes?
Some of my career heroes are people I have worked with and people who I admire. Linda Fargo taught me to always keep pushing for a better idea, to never settle and to fight for who and what you believe in! Kelly Wearstler, because of her incredible sense of style and boundary-pushing. She has an incredible eye that blurs the line of interior design, fashion, and needle-pushing that never bores. And, of course, Diana Vreeland, who is every editor’s icon. She still teaches us to this day to be brave, to push, to look and most importantly to “see” everything around us. What I would give to spend a day or even an hour in that rarified air!

So to those who might be giving up on fashion, I urge you not to…. Fashion is Alive and Well!!!


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