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Find Your Superpower

Find Your Superpower

Mezza Readers, I am so excited to be introducing Natalie Straley, One of our newest additions to the Mezza All Women Digital Network!!! Meet Natalie hear her story.


Just beyond what we perceive as our fears can be our greatest gifts. We don’t simply get one opportunity in life to find our passion, and age is certainly not an acceptable limitation. After all our mind-body connection is extraordinarily powerful. Aside from living a healthy lifestyle positive mental affirmations and visual projections can provide you a significant advantage in overcoming tremendous physical and mental obstacles. It can also allow us to live our best lives during our mid to late years and recalibrate our personal limitations. At any age, you can learn a new language, pursue higher education, or become the ballerina you dreamt of as a child. Changing your belief systems about one’s limitations is more about discipline and far less about actual ability. How do I know this? I found my superpower at age 43.
How does a successful lawyer, business owner and mom of three kids become disconnected with herself? Like so many women I lost myself in the daily scramble of helping others pursue their dreams versus passionately pursuing my own. I frequently found myself asking “what if”? I felt like time was slipping away from me and I had not achieved the dreams I had stored for myself in the “waiting” section of my brain. In an effort to clear my head I took an aerial fitness class that changed my body and reset my mind forever. It was mentally and physically transformative, the “ah-ha” I needed. After several years of dedication as an aerial arts hobbyist, I received an amazing opportunity to work full-time as both an instructor, coach, and performer. I found my superpower. I wanted to share what I learned and help others find theirs. I knew the transformational qualities didn’t discriminate against any special category, namely age. The practice sharpened my mind and strengthened my body. At age 43 I am in a better place physically and mentally than I was in my 20’s. I have assisted hundreds of people on a journey that empowers them as it did me. I have seen people transform into the absolute strongest mental and physical version of themselves at all ages and reevaluate how they perceived their limitations. For many adult students, my class is their first opportunity to learn to dance. A concept they had regrettably abandoned. Pushing your abilities means requires stretching your mind and reevaluating your belief systems. Once those two things occur you can accomplish anything.

I can be found on Instagram at Natalie.cirqfitness


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