Fitlife Foods a new kind of eating

Fitlife Foods  a new kind of eating

Since it is still January I am also still on the healthy start to the New Year and that also includes what I am eating.  Here is a great company that prepares healthy meals which are calorie conscious, gluten-free if you desire and actually taste good.   I have tried two of their meals and was very pleased.    Here is their story:

There is greatness in all of us, but everyone has their own version of what specifically that may be. At Fitlife Foods, we strive to provide the best in fresh, pre-made healthy meals and snacks to help you Find Your Great and perform at your very best.

To do that, we live by our Vision and Values.  The values are a set of 8 principles that we hope to live by every day:

  1. Being Passionate
  2. Being Courageous
  3. Being Contagious
  4. Being Accountable
  5. Building Connections
  6. Being Grateful
  7. Getting some Grit and Having Fun
  8. Fueling Your Growth

But here’s the rub. Time isn’t something anyone has a lot of. Your days are filled with commuting, errands, appointments and obligations. Now try to squeeze in time with family and friends. And oh yea, you have to eat, too!

That’s why I turned my passion for awesome food into a concept that fuels people with the right meals to power them through their super packed days. It’s also why I partnered with Chef Andrew Ruga. The result is 100% all-natural, jaw-dropping-ly delicious prepared meals and snacks that are also nutritious and perfectly crafted from scratch. We do all the meal prep, complete with balanced nutrition and flavors, so you don’t have to.

Using 39 original sauces and 13 different spice blends to kick your taste buds into high gear,
there’s more than 60 items to satisfy every craving. So go ahead, get out there and show the world what awesome really is. Push yourself into another echelon of performance. Experience a new kind of electric energy. Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered. Because your Great is waiting. Go find it.

And if you need a bit of help getting to your Great, check out Project U – our free one-on-one health and wellness training program. Because U matter.



Looking for the latest on our prepared meals? We like to keep our
menu fresh with new and different Featured FitMeals.


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