Vintage Finds in Paris By Nancy Flaherty

 Vintage Finds in Paris with Grace in Paris

Shopping resale and vintage is my favorite kind of treasure hunt when I am in Paris.  I can find new items that were never released in the US, or pieces that have been well-loved that easily fit into my style.  One of my favorite shops for resale of high-end designer brands is a tiny boutique off of a main street in the Marais.  Nestled between shops offering cheery contemporary clothing, quintessential Parisian cafes, and a pragmatic pharmacy is a shop I love best when I am in Paris.  Of course, being greeted by my personal sales associate with a warm and welcoming “bise” never hurts – and if there are other browsers in the shop they often wonder who is this VIP client!  Sylvie, my personal shopper always has items set aside for me when she knows I am in town and almost all of the time I am making room in my suitcase for her finds. She knows my style so well she can pull pieces for me that she knows will fit and have the level of Parisian Chic sophistication I am craving.

One of the first items I found with Sylvie’s help is a Chanel cuff bracelet.  She handed it to me with the greatest of care, saying that it was from the couture collection, custom made for a client of the Chanel boutique in Paris. The piece is heavy – you know you have it on your wrist – but it is so unique and always catches the eye of anyone I know who appreciates a classic Chanel.  It is black with three decorative attachments reminiscent of the Byzentine Chanel brooch. My favorite part about the bracelet is the inside.  Not often seen by everyone, it is lined in a silk fabric quilted in the classic Chanel tradition.  Something I think Coco Chanel would approve of for herself.  I have seen her original cuffs by the jewelry house Verdura made custom for her and my piece is similar without being an exact replica.  It is a treasure that I will be sure to keep forever and remember that day I found it in Paris!

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