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I think Michelle Pheiffer is aging beautifully.  She owes her style and beauty to a 5-day workout schedule plus a vegan diet.   Visits to the Dermatologist for good skincare treatments as well.   Her style sense is ” old hippy meets classic design.”    I love that she keeps her hair long with her beachy waves.   She wears only minimal and natural-looking makeup.   She loves suits and boots.  Her favorite accessory is a hoop earring.  She also loves Beautycounter, a brand that is found on the Mezza.

I love adding color to an outfit through my accessories.   A scarf, bag, jewelry belt or shoes.

I do believe, recently, that our culture is embracing all types of women in the Media, and the entertainment industry.  It’s not all about the newest girl on the block.   I love that someone as fabulous as Diane Keaton is still getting roles and that they are portraying these women as vibrant and sexy at their age.

My favorite piece of clothing right now is the Yonder Coat by Patagonia.  I love mixing the adventure world looks with my favorite skinny jeans crisp white shirt and high suede boots.     Another fan favorite is my plaid poncho from Talbots.  A great piece to throw over black leather pants for the Holiday season.

My must-have beauty products is my brightening kit from Beautycounter.   I love it.   It comes with an oil, freshen spray and mask.   It’s like going to the spa and it leaves my skin feeling great.    You can find this link on the Mezza.

You can find me at   Instagram-Mezzagirl1959 Facebook at Jackie Grund and also Mezza Reviews.   I will be also bringing the Mezza live on the UI Media Network the end of January.  My lifestyle blog/magazine is for women in the Middle.   We have been voted as one of the top blogs to follow for women over 50 by Feedspot.

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