Get Back to a More Fit Lifestyle in 2022 By: Rick David Trainer

Get Back to a More Fit Lifestyle in 2022 By: Rick David Trainer


When my friend Jackie asked me to write this post, I was happy to accept! I have a lot to say about this subject.

My name is Rick David and I’ve been training friends, family and clients for most of my life. Over 25 years easily.

For the last decade or more I’ve been training private clients in their homes and keeping a small presence on social media for business purposes.  I also was compelled to share videos about meditating and what happens when we speak negatively and lots of things that I thought were important at the time.  This was long before the “pandemic” and maybe a little early for some but when the“virus “ happened I thought “wow this must be why I was so interested in all of this for so long…” I was confident that the timing was right and that these ideas that I have of how to stay healthy mentally physically and spiritually through healthy daily routines would help lots of people via my online training videos.   However, people were starting to freak out a little. I can’t blame them for that though. There was a lot of fear everywhere you looked and everything you read. I was hoping to change that through my training videos.   I have  spent most of my adult life setting the example for staying healthy and living long and right.  I’m happy to be able to share some helpful tips with the Mezza Audience this month.      Staying fit and living clean and lovingly has widespread benefits that will spill over into every area of your life and the people closest to you. I hope that we can forget how different we are and learn how we are the same.  I believe that if we let situations divide us, we give up the benefits of working together for the health and well being for all.  

My tips to recovering from the pandemic and rebuilding ourselves from the inside out.

I should probably add that I’m not a writer but I am a personal trainer with decades of feedback from clients with a variety of goals ranging from losing a couple of pounds to completely transforming. So I’ve had clients lose hundreds of pounds and I’ve had many years of success with toning and improving posture even helping clients return to work who had given up on the idea because of chronic pain in the past but the challenges that my clients have been facing since the beginning of the pandemic are probably the most important that I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of helping them to overcome. Considering the fact that I’m not a doctor as well there are only basic things aka tools that I can use to help my clients without overstepping the boundaries of what a personal trainer can responsibly use so I think the best approach would be for me to keep it as short and to the point as possible so that we can focus for a short period of time with the most retention and the least amount of confusion. There’s been so much talk about vaccines and whether they should be mandated or not and whether they’re safe and whether they’re even needed at all, so vaccines will not be a major part of this post. Rather I would like to explore the idea that if two people of similar demographics were vaccinated with the same vaccines the difference between the two would be how healthy their immune systems are, how effectively their bodies can defend them against the virus and how quickly they can recover. Whether or not you choose to become vaccinated is your personal choice but I would hope that after reading this post you would walk away with the idea that you don’t have to leave it all up to the vaccine to protect you and that there are many things that you have more input into than we have been discussing in the media. I believe that even if you are waiting for vaccines or other medicines to help you, you can still be  doing things on your own that you have control of such as your diet, the types of thoughts and conversations you have with yourself and others, whether or not you’re exercising and whether or not you’re getting enough rest to recover from the amount of stress that you’re under on a daily basis. So to keep it simple I’m including a short list of things that you can do starting right now for no extra money without any extra equipment or extra space needed. The idea here is that there are things that we have already been given, that we already possess, that we can utilize right now without any medical supervision to protect us and to give us confidence making us feel good about our opportunities and our surroundings. The first step is to slow down so you can become aware of these things and to agree that if we become good at these daily rituals and make them a part of our daily lives that they will have a positive effect on changing our lives and improving our lifestyles, possibly eliminating the need for outside help to protect us from diseases and negative energy and emotions.


 Our bodies have physical limitations but our minds do not. We always have the ability and opportunity to change our minds first, then we will have the right mindset so that we can change our bodies second.

The fastest way to change our bodies is with the food we eat and our activity level which includes rest. Consistently eating better will not only help us feel better but many of my clients are off their old medications (as recommended by their doctors) as a result of the changes they made to their diets. The only ones still taking meds are the ones that haven’t changed their minds about the way they eat. You can either change your diet to feel and look better now or you can change it later to save your life and medication is not a replacement for the right diet.

If you haven’t already been doing these things, start right now by saying “I am changing my lifestyle right now.” Speaking in the present tense will positively get you on the right track and in motion.”


  1. START MEDITATING TODAY:  It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how just figure it out later but start today. As a matter of fact, close your eyes right now and observe your breathing. Allow it to happen effortlessly and try not to interfere but observe and try to appreciate how important and special each breath is and how grateful you are for the next one. Congratulations, you just meditated. Now do it every day or whenever you want to appreciate your existing life more. You may find different ways to meditate that you like more and your own favorite benefits. Regardless of your preference I believe meditating briefly but consistently will help you get more control of your mind and body so you can more easily implement the following steps.   
  2. IMPROVE YOUR DIET: to strengthen your immune system. Avoid starches and sugary foods that lower immune health and eat lots of fruits and vegetables which are full of vitamins and minerals. Eating whole food gives us our vitamins and minerals  in a form that our bodies can absorb easily and in a balanced way. Small servings of high quality protein are recommended to allow for proper digestion. Improving your digestion by avoiding foods that you don’t digest well will allow your immune system to stay strong and to focus on protecting you from other things like illness rather than a bad diet of unhealthy indigestible foods. 
  3. OBSERVE YOUR THOUGHTS AND SPEECH:.Try to avoid hateful or fearful speech.  Be aware of the information you are consuming and posting daily. Love and compassion will create a different world than hate and fear. Allow other people to be responsible for themselves so you can focus on staying positive and loving. You will feel good or bad depending on the energy you put out and are surrounded by daily. Speaking and thinking positively especially with gratitude or love or compassion keeps your heart and mind synced and vibrating at the right frequency  for producing the right hormones in your brain and body.
  4. DAILY EXERCISE IS A MUST: and you “must” challenge yourself when you do it. An easy effortless life is the fastest way to lose your strength, resilience and confidence. Challenging yourself mentally and physically stimulates growth. Doing the exercises that apply to your goals will provide more satisfying results. Workouts are for improving posture or flexibility, becoming stronger and improving endurance. Your diet is the best way to get good nutrition to all of the systems of your body that not only keep you alive but help you fight off disease.


 The past two years however, have shown us the most important benefits of a healthy lifestyle. A healthy immune system.

It’s never too late to improve your health, reduce your stress and appreciate what you have.


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