Get Ready For Spring By: Dr. Ilysse Moss- Fashion Psychologist

Get Ready For Spring By:  Dr. Ilysse Moss- Fashion Psychologist

Even though its cold outside spring is just around the corner and can’t come soon enough.  As I see the new season coming up the runway, I always like to give a heads up to our Mezza Fashionistas.  We are so excited to be welcoming back to the Mezza, Dr. Ilysse Moss who is here to give her fashion update:

This spring 2022 fashion is MAGIC and full of WONDER!

This season fashion is all about getting energy out of our clothes and spreading that to those around us.  As we embrace the WONDER of fashion, we welcome change and the strength that can be derived from being authentic but pushing our selves to be curious, daring and experiment with our clothes and sense of style.  The good news is that COVID has not killed or compromised fashion trends.  In fact, for spring, we have a mix of creativity, idiosyncratic trends and frenetic vitality.  Therefore,  you have both the influence of pre-pandemic style with the benefits of comfort driven garments.  Now, it is time to focus on the trends and the MUST HAVES for this spring, because theatrical dress, drama and femininity is going nowhere.

Be mythical (pure, fresh and clean) and include white and the monochromatic and minimalists look of all white.  White offers a sophisticated take on spring and the change of season. All it takes is adding a colorful bold scarf or a statement piece of jewelry to make this look work for any size, style or personality. From head to toe, one can never go wrong with white as your solo outfit, but white also is an easy palette to add anything too such as beige, straw, taupe or pops of color. Taupe is also a great neutral this season; this is another solution to balancing bright color.

The next must have trend is stripes.  Anything with stripes can be classic but modern too.  Think of stripes as fun and playful; they can be big or baby stripes or vertical and diagonal stripes.  Stripes even can be libertine and go every which way.  Stripes and fringes were also seen a lot on the runway. There is a misunderstanding and judgement about stripes in the fashion world as adding bulk to ones physique; however, when done right such as incorporating vertical stripes, stripes with fringes or alternating different types of stripes in a single garment, stripes actually work to elongate your physique.

Bold color and tie dye is also having a moment in spring 2022.  The colors to look for in fashion for spring are lime and Kelly green, saturated yellows, from bumble bee to neon, and sunset orange or tangelo. However, color combinations are also HOT; experiment with colors that are normally not paired together like orange and purple or chocolate brown and raspberry.  The concept of tie dye is bold, youthful, playful and sheer fun, so incorporating this into spring 2022 brings a sense of hope, confidence and presence to the world.

Hair, makeup, nails, handbags and shoes also have distinct style for spring 2022.  As for hair, a middle or deep side part is what is featured.  Hair is not at all overdone, but more natural and reserved.  Makeup too is natural with even freckles seen through your minimal coverage.  Use just enough makeup to provide a glow with an unpronounced smokey eye with beige, browns and taupes.  Lips are understated with just clear gloss or a matte pink color.  Nails are either French or American or highlight the natural pretty pink look; but pastels are are happening.  Handbags are all over the map and the general consensus is to chose a bag that works for you and has both fashion and function.  Anything is in from sling bags and bucket bags too deep structured bags that can hold shoes and a lap top. In the shoe world eclectic is the word.  Loafers and clogs are a step up from house shoes and slippers of the last two years. A classic Mary Jane with an ankle strap and all kinds of sandals are also considered fashionable this season.

The notion of curiosity, experimentation and wonder also favor showing some skin.  The hem lines are coming UP, UP, UP, higher than ever before!  Short, sheer and tight peaks the imagination and makes for drama in fashion.  Making both an entrance and exit is key with garments that show skin in both the front and back.  Ladies, create WONDER this season!  WONDER causes positivity and awe, and that is also what the world craves right now.   To see the full Spring Collection of Cabi (above pictures are part of) head to    When you click on  My Stylist it should say Ilysse Moss.








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