Happy Holidays Y’All By: Anne Valgoi

Happy Holidays Y’All

Written by Anne Valgoi

December 2022

     This holiday season is full of fun activities and entertaining opportunities galore.  “A highlight of Atlanta’s joyful season is the Peachtree Garden Club Christmas Home Tour in early December.  This community event, held annually, is renowned for showcasing four of the most beautiful homes in Atlanta, decorated in imaginative holiday trimmings”.  My girlfriends and I recently participated in the festive home tours, and it did not disappoint!  I came across some fabulous decorating ideas that I would like to share.

     It’s the “little touches” that make such a difference.  For example, if you have a Santa display or collection try arranging some tiny, clear budvases with a single red or white flower in each vase in front of the collection.  In my opinion, this addition elevates the look and I plan on doing this when displaying my prized Santa Claus collection that was my dear Dad’s.

     Additionally, you can decorate your bar area of your home by utilizing your silver mint julep cups and filling them with simple sprigs of greenery and some berries.  Another area that caught my attention was a display of the family-heirloom silver punch bowl with fragrant balsam branches gracefully arranged around the outside bottom of the bowl and next to this was a clever showcase of English bone china teacups and saucers neatly stacked on a silver tray.


     A few magnolia leaves mixed with holly branches and berries arranged in a porcelain water picture will offer a festive look to anyone’s family room or den.

     This small manger display touched me with its meaningfulness and natural elements.  The rosemary branches, dried hydrangea flowers and living green moss added texture as well as authenticity to this setting.  I plan to incorporate some of these beautiful components to my Christmas manger scene.


     Another holiday favorite of mine is to decorate with small wreaths on the backsides of your dining room or kitchen chairs.  This added touch completes any room.


     We also love to decorate the outside windows of our Atlanta home with Christmas wreaths and red velvet ribbons.  It actually did snow a few Christmas seasons ago and it provided for a great photo opportunity. (We even had picturesque note cards made of this image!)


     I’d like to return my focus back to the Christmas Home tour as I discovered that you do not have to always decorate for Christmas with red and green.  This home featured a beautiful shade of apricot as the accent holiday color.  The lovely color was displayed throughout the house in forms of elegant floral arrangements, Christmas decorations on the tree and an absolutely, gorgeous floral fireplace mantle. 



     When entertaining for the holiday, the focus is often on the dining room table centerpiece.  Consider a balsam runner down the center of the table with large cream roses entwined and small golden sleighbells anchored to the greenery.  Floating candles of varying heights placed on the sides of the greenery provided for visual height and enhanced the festive tablescape.


      Another holiday trend for table centerpieces is to artfully incorporate the use of fruit within your floral display.  Oranges are often utilized as well as grapes and sometimes walnuts.  This beautiful white floral centerpiece is adorned with some oranges at the base of the arrangement, and they cascade gracefully onto the table area.  The look is elegant and inviting.


     I urge you to incorporate a few of these decorating suggestions above- from simple to elegant, each will enhance your holiday adornment.  As this year comes to a close, I want to extend a warm holiday wish to all of our friends and followers.  As always, I am very thankful for this opportunity to share some ideas on entertaining, floral arranging, as well as gardening and I look forward to an exciting new year ahead.




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