Happy Mother’s Day …The Psychology of Gifting…

Happy Mother’s Day …The Psychology of Gifting…

Hello Mezza ladies, Moms, Grandmothers…Dr. Ilysse Moss is back, our Fashion Psychologist, with how to shop for the perfect Gift.    Ilysse is also a stylist for a company called Cabi.   Check out her newest blog post here:

Hi Ladies,

Gift giving always seems to be a challenge, and it never seems to get any easier.  There is a psychology behind gift giving.  Both the gift giver and the gift recipient have thoughts and feelings about gifting and receiving gifts.   Can one ever purchase the perfect gift? Do not try to find the “perfect” gift, just try to find a gift that she will use and enjoy.  A giver-focused gift is buying a gift which reflects who you are, for instance, you buy a gift you would want.  Recipient focused considers the qualities of the person receiving the gift.  Therefore, in my opinion, and according to social science research, your gift is most successful and preferred when it is recipient focused. In addition, the price point should not be the guiding force beyond your decisions; it is the thought that counts. The recipient does not tend to appreciate the more expensive gift.

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to give the gift of Cabi by either ordering a garment or outfit for mom (or a VIP person) or by giving her a Cabi gift card to spend when she pleases.  What a way to gift mom her favorite brand without even leaving the house.  Text, email or call me, and I will be happy to place your order or make recommendations given the Cabi which mom already has in her closet. If, Cabi, is new to her, play it safe and think of what mom tends to wear. For example, does she wear cardigans or jackets, or does she wear scarfs or belts?  Try to choose a gift that reflects her favorite color and style.  If she is a classic dresser, then do not pick a Boho style because you like it and want to modernize her.

If you have already gotten all your gifts, then consider treating yourself to a Mother’s Day present.  You are entitled to celebrate your special day by gifting to yourself.   Happy Shopping and Happy Mother’s Day!  Thanks in advance for your patronage.

Your Cabi stylist
Ilysse Moss
[email protected]


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