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I am very happy to bring back to the Mezza, Dr. Ilysse Moss, our fashion psychologist and her tips on how not to stress out when picking out your holiday outfits…..

Unfortunately, there is a lot of pressure around holiday dressing, and I want to take some of the anxiety and worry out of it and make it fun.  First, let’s examine why holiday dressing feels so pressured. As a fashion psychologist, I believe it is important to first identify the beliefs and emotions which lead to such concern.  Many of us are seeing family and friends for the first time in a while, and we may want to dress to impress.  In addition, women often feel that judgments and comparisons are made between sisters, cousins and even friends. In dressing, body image and weight become of concern on a good day, but around holiday time these thoughts become even more prevalent. Following Halloween after eating bundles of candy or resisting these sweets altogether, we reflect on and assess our weight.  As the weather gets colder and the sunsets earlier, many of us are less active and feel less positive about our physique, even though we may have not even gained a pound.  Many of us may be cooking, tasting and predicting all the holiday events, festivities, food and alcohol by which will surround us.  For addictive personalities, there is an additional level of fear and dread.  We may also anticipate eating and want to be as comfortable going as we are coming.  I have identified some of the issues that may make dressing around the holidays tricky; now, how do we proceed?

What do you need to look fabulous?  Most important your attitude, facial expressions, and posture say a lot about you, and that is something over which you have control.  People will notice your smile and that twinkle in your eye or visa versa, before anything you are wearing. Be friendly, affectionate and lock eyes. There are many ways to accentuate your assets.  We all have colors to which we gravitate; color speaks volumes about who we are, what we feel and how we look.  We all have colors that make our skin radiate eyes pop and hair shine. This may be the color which always brings you compliments. Remember, colors have meanings too, and the color we choose may reflect our self-image.

We have all heard the notion that balance is the key to life.  The same theory applies to dressing.  One of the best practices in dressing is balance.  In fact, we can create a balanced shape through our clothes.  If your bottom half is bigger than your top, you may need to add some emphasis to your shoulders and chest in order to balance out your frame.  The opposite remains true too.  Stay proportionate. Clean lines are everything.  This may also have a lot to do with your undergarments, so don’t take this detail for granted.  Details do matter.  Accessories should not be underestimated.  A statement belt, scarf, jewelry piece, shoe, and handbag can really pull together an outfit.  It’s the entire package that matters.

Other important details that matter in dressing for the holidays is attire.  Is the tone of your holiday gathering or party casual or dressy?  Take cues from the invitation or directly ask the hostess.  You are always better to air on the safe side and be more formal than too relaxed. A key concept to your holiday enjoyment is in the comfort of your clothing. Comfort in fabric and fit is important.  By the end of a big meal, you do not want to feel like your clothes no longer fit properly.  You do not want to wear your most fitted dress, skirt, jeans or trousers.  We all know the feeling of wanting to unbutton a button.  Not all fabric has the same flexibility, give, and stretch.  For your holiday gathering, the type of garment you choose to wear may be key.  Elastic waistbands can be something to consider if you tend to overeat.Although I can not provide a crash course to dressing every body type in one blog, I have hit on some of the key considerations for the holidays.  Whatever you do, plan ahead.  Try on your clothing beforehand. Have an extra pair of stockings,  if you choose to wear them; consider leggings or skinny jeans underneath your dress or skirt to avoid that issue entirely. Wear your new shoes or boots around the house and out before you wear them for the holidays.  Are they comfortable?  None wants to see your feet. You need to feel good about how you look.  Embrace your body, size, shape, and height.  Celebrate your unique YOU!

Written By:  Dr. Ilysse Moss


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