Finding Firework Shows Around the World!!!

Finding Firework Shows Around the World!!!

Our fabulous Travel Expert and Contributor to the Mezza, Brianna Korb of Sculpted Escapes, is back with some great ideas for traveling abroad after July 4th:

Summer Holidays outside the US… Americans love their summer holidays! July 4th always culminates in the evening with large firework shows. But have you ever thought of traveling abroad to celebrate a summer holiday in another country for a different cultural flair? I highly suggest checking out these events, and others, around the world when you are in the mood for expanding your horizons. 1) Redentore or Redeemer Festival in Venice, Italy – Third Sunday in July This holiday in Venice is quite a firework spectacular! The show lasts for 40 minutes and the fireworks are set off from the Grand Canal. The show starts at 11:30 PM and there is a bridge over the Grand Canal, the only time all year this occurs. The festival is to celebrate the end of the plaque in 1577. The Venetian Doge declared that he would build a basilica if the plaque ended. The date of the holiday marks the day that the first stone was laid for the new basilica. The day after the firework extravaganza, there are regatta races on the Giudecca canal. If you have never seen an Italian regatta race you need to witness one in person, and this is a great time to see different distances and combinations of teams from all over the region. 2) Bastille Day in Paris, France – July 14 This holiday is celebrated all over France, but seeing fireworks set off from the Eiffel Tower can only be seen in Paris. July 14th or Bastille Day is the French national day and is considered the symbol of the French Revolution in 1789. Unlike our large American barbeques a simple French picnic consisting of wine, baguette, cheese, and charcuterie is the perfect meal to have on this national holiday. And if you enjoy parades, make your way to the Avenue Champs-Elysees to see the military parade and wave the French flag. Temporary bridge over the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy. 3) Canada Day all over Canada – July 1 Perhaps you want a summer holiday that is closer to home and in a cooler climate. Look no farther than all the major cities of Canada! Celebrate the combining of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Canada province, now known as Ontario, and Quebec. It would not be a summer holiday without fireworks, and a parade. If you are lucky you can see the Royal Canadian Mounted Police perform equestrian drills throughout the country. 4) Summer Solstice in Iceland and Scandinavian countries – The first day of summer While you may look forward to the longer daylight hours that occur in the summer, imagine having 24 hours of daylight! This is balanced out with 24 hours of darkness in the winter. So in these far northern regions, the first day of summer is a large celebration. There are usually not fireworks or parades, but rather it is a time when people are encouraged to tune into the Earth, think about how they relate to being outside and reconnect with nature. It is a much simpler holiday in many ways, but an excellent way to start anew and have 24 hours of the sun shining down on you.     This Picture was taken at 11 PM in Iceland. 


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