Italy in the Central Coast of California

Italy in the Central Coast of California

This October we decided to head to another part of California that is known for their wines.  The Central Coast.     The drive from the San Francisco Airport was about 3 hours south.   As soon as we got to Paso Robles we headed straight for our first Winery at Eberley Winery.   The owner, a former Penn Stater as myself,  Gary Eberle, became interested in the wine business way back in the early 70’s.  In 1973 he headed to Paso Roble where he established his winery and was considered the “Pioneer” of Paso Robles.  That was just our first stop.  Now there over 200 wineries in the region.  We hit a few more before the weekend was up.    Another great Winery is Daou Vineyards with its amazing views high atop their mountain.    For the evening, we attended a wine pairing dinner at Justin Winery where we sat with our table of four and enjoyed  Farm to Table dishes from local sources.     The Resort that we stayed at was the Allegretto.   A rustic, Mediterranean inspired Hotel.   From the amazing gardens and statues to the small vineyard in the back you felt as if you flew to Tuscany for the weekend.   My favorite was just sitting in the Piazza sipping on some wine and listening to music.   So relaxing!!!   So Mezza followers if you are in desperate need of a change of scenery head out west to the “New Napa”  and a bit of Italy as well.   The Mezza gives Paso Robles and the Allegretto Five Stars!!!


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