Its More Than a Garden Center

Its More Than a Garden Center

I would like to introduce you to our special Garden/Design Center and Cafe:  Scottsdale Farms.     A place I love to putter around in  look at the gorgeous plants, decor ideas and  of course have a bit of lunch at Bella Luna Cafe’.    Here is how they got started.  I look forward to seeing more special events and offers from Scottsdale Farms.   Our content contributor and writer for this article is Luca Gianturco/Scottsdale Farms.  Here is Their Beginning:

As a way to pay his college expenses, Luca Gianturco began Scottsdale Farms Christmas tree lots in North Atlanta. Shortly afterward, Luca and Kathy met in college and together they expanded Scottsdale Farms. Their Christmas tree business has been in continuous operation since 1982. 

    In 1998, Luca and Kathy bought the land to build their garden center. After visiting Vermont to look at barns and talk to timber framers, Luca designed the barn with an emphasis on simplicity and pleasing proportions. Two craftsmen from rural Vermont helped raise the wooden frame. 

     The barn was treated with mostly untreated white pine and a small amount of Douglas fir and white spruce woods. In the men’s room, the wood came from an oak tree that stood where the parking lot now is and the old metal was recycled from the roof of a local barn. 

Over the years Scottsdale Farms has grown to be more than just a garden center, we are a family destination, a place to enjoy the day any time of year. Throughout the year we have a pumpkin patch, Christmas tree lot, Pick-Your-Own Blueberry patch, and many more events for children and adults. Scottsdale Farms is also home to chickens, pigs, cows, goats, and our beloved Italian Guard dog, Paulo.

    Luca and Kathy’s goal for the Christmas tree business, garden center, landscape business, Bella Luna Cafe’ at Scottsdale Farms and events facility has always been the same: to provide quality products and service at a fair price, treat customers and employees well, and create a fun shopping experience. 

Mezza Followers, I do hope you get a chance to visit this special spot in Milton, GA.   For further information see their website at


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