It’s Time Ladies ….Start packing away those Sweats?????

It’s Time Ladies ….Start packing away those Sweats?????

Most of my Style clients would  love it when I would regularly send them updates for the next season.   Well you are in for a treat.    We actually have 13 new trends to look forward to for the upcoming Fall season.    The last two seasons when the Pandemic hit was truly a loss for the fashion world.   We went into this let’s stay in our sweats all day due to comfort and the fact that no one was heading to the office.    With the remains of the Pandemic fading, we hope, we are also seeing a wonderful surge of creativity on the still virtual but now intimate runway settings.   So here are the 13 new trends to look out for this Fall and winter.

  1.    Sequins on Sequins—Love this for all your Black-tie options and after 5 dressing.  ” “It’s 1920’s meets the 1980’s as quoted in the article by Hapers Bazaar writtten by Nicole Fritton Kerry Pieri and Barry Samaha.
  2.  A little Off Color–Brights still making a place for themselves this Fall.
  3.  Tailored on Tailored-   This is a great look for business women with a smart looking trouser layered with coat to match also happening is some great layering of shirts and vests under the jacket.
  4. Knits-  For the lady who won’t part with her new comfy look  a better choice for Fall are some great new knit pieces that give you comfort and a bit of style.
  5. Apres-Ski looks- As we see a mad dash for the suburbs, the country side and even the mountains  in comes our Fair Isle Knits which offer comfort and a ski chic look for those winter days.
  6. Roaring 20’s – Flapper style looks making an appearance for after 5 with long coats over them.
  7. Puffer Jackets
  8. Crop tops and some jackets
  9. Midi length dresses and skirts
  10. Comfort redesigned with great fabrics
  11. Suit Coat–Hottest Item
  12. Patterns
  13. Little Black Dress always in but in a Mini…My take on this trend is do the black dress to the knee or Midi and pair with a great heel for that oh so sexy look.

Picture from Harpers Bazaar.


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