It’s Time to Use Your Daisy Dollars: At Scottsdale Farms

It’s Time to Use Your Daisy Dollars:  At Scottsdale Farms

It’s that time of year to use your Daisy Dollars at the Well known Scottsdale Farms its not jus  a local Garden Center but a boutique and Italian Cafe as well.   The Location is in Milton Ga.   So all my local Mezza Ladies make a trip up to Scottsdale to experience their hospitality, fantastic decor items and sip on a warm late.  If you are familiar with Scottsdale Farms then you will know about the Daisy Dollar and how you can maximize your purchases.

Redeem your Daisy Dollars at Scottsdale Farms January 2nd through January 15th.
Contact Scottsdale Farms in Milton Ga for more information.


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