The Mezza’s Holiday Gift List

The Mezza’s  Holiday Gift List

It’s that time of year where we start to think about the upcoming  season.  This year the holiday shopping has already begun.  As we are still feeling the effects of a World-Wide pandemic,  now, in the form of Inflation and even  supply-chain issues .  What that really means  is that there  is a great demand for limited supply of merchandise, service and  goods.  “If you see it buy it” because tomorrow it won’t be there.   So expect that sweater to cost a bit more, as well as that Turkey or Ham.   Instead of buying lots of items per person.   Why not pick one or two meaningful items to give to your loved ones this season.  Here are our top picks.

Number 1:   An Air Fryer- it makes a great gift for your adult kids-who are stressing about what to make for dinner.

Number 2:  Gift cards -they are easy and are always available.

Number 3:  My Mezza Style Guide Book.  Priced really well.   Soft cover- $19.99.   You can simply head over to the HOME PAGE or any of the pages of the blog (scroll down to bottom)  where we have a site already set up.  This makes a great gift for that special lady facing some mid life issues.   It’s not just about fashion.

Number 4:  Head over to our shopping page here on the Mezza for some great gift options from leggings to coats to hats and scarves with Peach.

Number 5:  Contact me at [email protected] and I can curate some great gifts from no other than J. Mclaughlin.  I will be your personal shopper and even have the items shipped to you. ( NO CHARGE FOR PERSONAL SHOPPING) I am affiliated with the Avalon Store in Alpharetta Ga.

Number 6:  Simply  click on Rachel Zoe picture above for her fabulous curation in a box.   This is the best time of year to sign up for it.

Number 7:  Enroll your person in a wine club. For the person who collects and loves wine .  I love Tobin James Cellars out of Paso Robles they even send a gift with your wine.

Number 8:  A membership at the Row House.   A great small boutique gym which works your core and your entire body.

Number 9:  The Peloton Bike or Tread Mill:   I love mine and for someone who does not want to go back to a gym this is your answer for staying in shape.

Number 10:  Make a handmade gift.  Head over to your local craft studio or at home and start creating, maybe even have your kids or grandkids participate in the making of the gift which makes it even more special.

So here’s to a very happy holiday season.




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