Jackie’s Spring Trends and More…..

Jackie’s Spring Trends and More…..

Hello My Mezza Girls…Happy Spring.   I want to devote this fashion section to those ladies who followed me through my fashion career and who enjoyed listening to my twice a year Trend Report during my years with Cabi.   I really loved presenting this to all of you and wanted to make a point each season that you did not have to buy the runway piece or even incorporate all of the season’s trends to look “of the moment and age appropriate.”  So back by special demand is my take on this Season’s Fashion Trends.  So grab your pen or phone and take note!!!   *Mezzatip–just pick one*

Every season the world of design looks for inspiration from what is happening around them from the streets, artwork, and general feeling of the world around us.   This Spring you will notice a push of logo T-Shirts this has sprung up from the political arena.   The message tee’s depict lots of slogans and even have a strong female tone to them.     Another trend you are seeing right now are stripes and nautical this is coming from a time when the swinging 60’s and icons like Jackie O and Bridget Bardot were strolling down the streets of Capri in their Capris and carefree striped shirts.  With this trend also comes some pops of citrus orange and bright yellow to bring the trend  into a more 2017 focus.  The Romantic Trend; “Flower’s for spring how groundbreaking” to quote my favorite line from “Devil Wears Prada.”   Most, if not all, of the industry will be giving you bunches of that trend this spring.   One of my favorites which falls under the Romantic trend is the Ruffle Blouse,  I love the drama of it and it must be in white..see the Michael Kors collection.   The season can’t be complete unless we time travel back to the 80″s with the still trending cold shoulder and off the shoulder silhouettes.   Think “Flashdance”  For accessories, the Big bag and the tiny bag are happening along with the very BIG statement necklace.

So there you have it Mezza girls my Spring 2017 trends.    When shopping at stores or online-please visit my new  affiliate partner Stich Fix just head to and click on shop.  Enjoy the ease of shopping at home with a stylist and the box coming to your fantastic.   Next month I will be sharing my Stich Fix experience with you…

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