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Judy’s Clean Beauty Corner

Judy’s Clean Beauty Corner

Hi Everyone! I’m so glad to be back with my tips and information for your Clean Beauty needs! I don’t know about you but I am so ready for Spring! As of March 4th, Beautycounter is celebrating it’s 7th year. And what an amazing seven years it has been! It was just one woman, our CEO Gregg Renfrew, who had an idea to change the beauty industry. The seed for her idea was wanting safer products for her family. The industry hasn’t changed it’s safety practices for over 80 years, so for the past 7 years, Beautycounter has been educating, advocating, and providing safer choices for everyone. We are pioneers in the Clean Beauty Movement and have already changed the industry by offering safer alternatives in skincare and makeup. Now, other companies are jumping on the bandwagon with the clear indications that people care about what they’re putting on their bodies. As I’ve said in previous columns for The Mezza, I was drawn to Beautycounter for the sole reason of cleaning up my own personal care products. Little did I know that the mission to bring safe products to every person, both through the products themselves, (which have grown in number exponentially since I joined the company), and the mission to change the laws regarding skincare and makeup, through meeting with congresspeople and senators, and even testifying in front of the legislature multiple times to advocate for safer beauty, would become so important to me. Yes, I do make a commission when you buy products from me, but it’s more than that to me. It’s about learning so much about ingredients. As of this month, Beautycounter announced that in addition to the 1500 ingredients they had already banned from their products, now 1800 ingredients have been banned. We really care about #SaferBeauty! Beautycounter has opened my eyes to so much information that I didn’t know before joining forces with them for a change! In my past columns, I’ve told you about my personal favorite in our skincare line; Countertime. I’m still loving the line, it has changed my 60-year- old skin for the better! Today though, I’m going to focus on LIPS! We have two lip conditioners to use all day long, especially good in the dry months of Winter. Next, Beautycounter Lip Sheers was one of the first items in our makeup line. I love a sheer lipstick, and especially ours which has a clean vanilla scent, and no unsettling ingredients such as heavy metals. That is true for all of our products in the lip line. After Lip Sheers, we unveiled our lip glosses. Now, I’ve never been one to wear lip gloss because I have always found them to be sticky‚Ķuntil now. Beautycounter’s lip glosses are never sticky, and they stay put, adding that touch of shine to your lips-on their own, or layered over one of our lipsticks. Our next lip product was our Color Intense Lipsticks. Gorgeous, saturated color with staying power! Smells like mint, and gives you that all-day pop of color; always creamy, satin finish, it never leaves your lips dry. A few days ago for our 7th anniversary, we came out with three Special Edition Color Intense Lipsticks. We call them “Give ‘Em Lip”, three bold colors in special packaging designed by an artist, Lisa Congdon, in a paper tube that reduces environmental impact by 83%! See them, and all of our lipsticks, etc., by clicking here. I would love to help you clean up your skincare and makeup! If you have any questions my email is jmg1959, and my phone number is 678-362-4281 if you’d like to talk or text! Please don’t forget that I’d love to send you samples of our skincare and that Beautycounter products have free returns for sixty (60) days, so give us a try, I think you’ll be happy when you do! Until next time…stay safer! Judy J


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