KarmaDaisy…A new place to Eat in Atlanta

KarmaDaisy…A new place to Eat in Atlanta

I had the pleasure of meeting one of the owners of KarmaDaisy, a new health-conscious restaurant.  Husband and wife team Scott and McCall Wilder have merged their passions and have opened KarmaDaisy.   According to McCall  “My Mother ate all organic way in the day, like the 70’s when it was not cool.”   Well, we all know that the buzz words today are organic, no hormones, just to mention the top two.  KarmaDaisy will operate as a full bakery and sandwich shop using local farmers and grass-fed, all natural meats, organic cage-free eggs, and local, all natural cheeses.  So far I have been in to have my afternoon cappuccino and hot fresh baked chocolate chip cookie.   Its amazing…..I can’t wait to try more!!!!


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