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Kim Kardashian Beauty Line: A Hit for Your Summer Natural Look

During the past few months when I could not get out to my favorite store to buy my go to cosmetic brands, I started to do some research online.   I wanted something natural but striking after all I was hanging in my home a lot and no place to go.  I came across Kim Kardashian’s KKW line of contouring cosmetics.  Here is some information from her website.

Kim Kardashian has now undeniably established herself as one of the most influential beauty gurus, dictating trends with a simple selfie or snapchat video. After collaborating with her sister’s brand, Kylie Cosmetics, creating four nude lip kits, it will come as no surprise that Kim launched her own make-up brand, KKW Beauty, on June 21, 2017. The original contouring and highlighter kits sold out within minutes, as did all the products that followed. Here is a look at her website:

I absolutely love her nude lipsticks and glosses.  So try Kim’s line for a summer pick me up!!!!


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