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Leading From Within by: Francoise Everett

Leading From Within by:  Francoise Everett

I am very happy to introduce to you our newest Contributor to the Mezza:  Francoise Everett.

Ever feel like youve been sitting on top of your potential, you can feel it and sense it, yet youre feeling a hesitation to present yourself in the world in a way that actually represents that potential?

Have you been postponing taking excellent care of yourself because you’re  always taking care of your to-do list and the needs of others first, so that your most needed vitality is placed on the back-burner once again?

And, have you been feeling some really big emotions navigating life since lockdown while also navigating the day-to-day priorities at work and at home?

You are not alone.

In my work with women I have found that so many highly, accomplished, and successful women come to me for something that I find always sits beneath the surface. They really do feel something bigger for themselves, even while busy at home and at work. These women sense there is something more, even though they can’t quite put their finger on it. Its already there though — but it has to be unleashed.

In 2020, I interviewed professional women, women entrepreneurs, clients and women I network with to more deeply understand their current unmet needs, urgent problems and unrealized potentials. I uncovered three common  elements women struggle with regardless of their level of success. These are voice, visibility and vitality:

  • Giving voice to what you feel and sense is possible
  • Becoming visible to ourselves first and then to others
  • Elevating vitality as a pathway to greater success

Whether you are a woman entrepreneur or a woman in professional services, or a mom currently dealing with the challenges of today’s world, chances are that if youre reading this, you are what I call a visionary woman… a woman who can feel her deepest potential, the greatest potential for her family and for the world. Its that simple.

You are a gifted, conscious, successful, accomplished woman already, yet, perhaps youve reached a place where you experience more frustration than fulfillment and somehow, even though you might not be able to name it, you are sensing greater, more fulfilling possibilities for your life… you have a desire to elevate to elegant success, and perhaps you even crave a sense of inner confidence that makes you feel alive and unstoppable, and doing all this with peace of mind.

Peace of mind.


Space and time for Self.

Cultivating one’s potentials.

These have been the most recurrent coaching requests for my clients in 2020 and now in the beginning of 2021 as well.

And so, I want to invite you to unleash.

If you feel like unleashing is scary and possibly emotional, and even worse, youll lose control, I totally get it. I promise you I have walked that path as well.

Yet, unleashing is what allows you to activate your deeper potential, catalyze your growth into the larger field of life and gain traction in an area of your life where perhaps youve been trying really hard for far too long.

If this is you, unleashing your feminine success can be just the path to becoming the woman you are meant to be.

Arianna Huffington, founder of The Huffington Post, and founder and CEO of Thrive Global said in an interview We will never lack the external guideposts for success. What we need most is to uncover our own internal guideposts on our path to success.”

And with this idea of uncovering your own internal guideposts, I want to invite you to reflect on the following powerful questions. This is a first step on leading yourself from within. Spend some time in a quiet space with a cup of tea and a journal and write what comes through you from a place of feeling and sensing, rather than seeking an answer from your mind:

What do I most deeply desire to create?

What do I most deeply desire to experience?

What do I most deeply desire to contribute?

What do I most deeply desire to express?

If you find these questions challenging to answer, don’t judge. Just know that there might be a block somewhere and that your openness, curiosity and receptivity will open up when you keep asking the questions. If you are curious about going deeper and becoming a powerful woman of feminine success who is impact and results-oriented, you can inquire at [email protected]

Françoise Everett is a Transformative Feminine Success Coach who works with women around the world to unlock their inner wisdom, feminine power and hidden richness to foster success in all areas of life, from work to wealth to their own wellbeing. Many of her clients call her a “Catalyst for Calm.”

Women are individuals, each with unique goals and circumstances. Her transformative coaching approach (as distinct from traditional, goal-oriented coaching) helps women break through their own inner glass ceiling to define their leadership style and success identity. That identity informs expectations, behaviors, choices, and decisions across all parts of life. Through this transformative coaching process, women align their whole lives with their true selves.

To learn more about Françoise’s work, you can connect with her on LinkedIn or email her directly at [email protected].


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